Monday, September 3, 2007

My sex diary: the loooong holiday weekend!

Labor Day's not just for hot dogs anymore! (Sly dogs, maybe...) because my Labor Day weekend started and ended with a quite a bang!

Friday: some honest work in my SO's business till 4:00, then a long, slow journey with my tongue on a new conquest... and aren't I happy to have a Scandinavian sailor on board!

By 6, on to a local swinger's meet and greet at a trendy watering hole. How much cleavage can there be in South Florida? I spotted enough (mine own included, of course) that the silicone alone could float the afore-mentioned sailor's entire fleet. But ah, the sight of those pretty boobies and twitchy hips. Flirtation's king and the pheromones were mixed right in with the Sour Apple Martinis.

Saturday: A long-awaited house party at a local couple's mini-manse in Ft Lauderdale... sleek bodies, sweet perfume and a simply delectable spread. Oh, and the food wasn't bad, either!

Sunday: my lazy afternoon climaxed with a visit from another new friend-- and when I say climax, I mean it... this close-to-50 Romeo gave me a run for my money with his talent for explosions. I think I counted three before the clock struck the hour.

Thank goodness I took my vitamin S (you know, for Sexy Stamina) before we drove to the swing club... Labor Day Sunday attracts one of the largest crowds of the year. Yes, you've got it right-- wall-to-wall balls and no wallflowers allowed.

The SO and I put out the word, and carried off the cream of the crop for a real back-to-school all-nighter... when fun doesn't start until 1AM, sunrise simply means it's time to re-fill the lube.

Labor Day: even the most dedicated worker bees-- all serving the Queen, of course-- demand their honey... so after a brief nap, the remaining crew treated ourselves to Bloody Marys and a delicious recharging. Spinning the mental highlights over brunch makes for some VERY interesting conversation... and eavesdropping. (Was that you whose ears were turning red?)

Tomorrow is Tuesday, and my naughty girlfriend and I are jetting off to debauch the sexy brethren of Chicago one last time before the snowbirds fly back south. Then, it's Florida's version of winter, and a happy uptick in our very favorite work.

It seems a fitting bookend for Labor Day.

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