Monday, September 10, 2007

Chicago's finest (memorable moments on the road)

The Wonders-of-Modern-Technology Dept.

Client: (admiring my breasts) "Who do I have to thank for these? You-- or your surgeon?"
Me: "Well, she did do an excellent job... but remember, I supplied the raw material!"

The What-Does-the-U.N.-Know? Dept.

Me: (undressing a young Asian client only to discover a large piece of equipment) "My, you certainly dispel the myth about Asian men!"
Client: "Well, I'm only half-Japanese."
Me: "And I think I know which half!"

The Guess-I Should-Have-Had-a-V8 Dept.

After working assiduously for 45 minutes (and failing) to get my creamy reward, the client calls me off his erection and remarks ruefully, "Maybe I shouldn't have jerked off twice yesterday, looking at your pictures!"

The Salary-and-Benefits Dept.

Regular client, after completing our date: "Man, I really need to find a better job. "
Me: "But I thought you liked your job."
Client: "Well, I just need one that pays $350 a week more!"


I love a good O with a side order of giggles. Thank you again, my midwestern lovelies. See you in the spring!

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