Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hobbyists: Which is the Deeper Satisfaction?

Lately I can't get a little conundrum off my mind. Here it is.

When you and your lady-of-the-moment lay back on the pillows and take a deep breath of release after incredible sex, it's clearly an exhilarating moment for both of you. She gave you pleasure... you returned the favor.

But after you've returned to your regularly scheduled programming, which stands out as the more lasting mental satisfaction?

Is it the memory of your own physical rush and release, the intense sensation that she provided you? Or is it witnessing her hardened nipples and quickened breath...and knowing that through your own expertise, you rocked her world?

Lately I've come across some clients who clearly cared at least as much about my gratification as their own... and who later remarked on their happiness that they could please me. Others thank me profusely for what they receive, and seem content with that alone.

So, hobbyists and readers, to which camp do you belong? Or do you?

There are no points or penalties for either answer... so please comment!


Anonymous said...

I love both! WOW! I get off pleasuring my partner as much as getting off!

oral_addict_69 said...

What could be more personally satisfying than making a professional provider shudder in ecstacy? I do everything possible to make the providers I see remember me...

Fauxtographer said...

Of all the vices that I could have predisposed to, women by far are my number one love in this life. There are times when dealing with women in sexual situations that I can take a step back and and see how we are still not far removed from our animal ancestors. When passion and lust rise high in my blood there is not much that gets in the way of our mutual pleasure. I know that in the end of any rendesvous that I am going to be feeling just fine. To this point in my life I have never had any performance issues, so I know I am going to be satisfied with my encounters with a lady. I absolutely crave the sweaty, heavy breathed and lusty journey that gets me there.
The things that push me over the edge of pleasure are the little things that I get when I am with a woman. When I feel the litte pearls of perspiration in the small of your back when I pull you closer to kiss and nibble your hips and stomach...feeling the muscles in your thighs and calves flex against my shoulders as you cum when I have you on your back underneath me...the way you grab my head and pull me into you when I am going down on you till you just can't take it anymore...the way you arch your back and that little moan escapes your lips when I pull your hair from behind...feeling the goosebumps on your smooth skin from the cool AC blowing on us as we collapse in a sweaty heaving pile of orgasmic delight.
I guess you might say that the most important part of any rendezvous for me is feeling wanted and desired by the woman I am with. I like it to be honest and unforced. Knowing that I have brought pleasure to my partner is a magic thing for me. I love it.