Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The mistresses of thigh-high boots and their boy-toy

When Maylin called to remind me that it was Stefano's birthday, we had to do what every sex-driven vixen does first: decide what to wear!

The rapidly-achieved decision: thigh-high boots. And the birthday boy? Instructed to bring his A-game in supple, muscle-packed leather.

Oooh, and did he bring his A-game. If you were there, I'm sure it wouldn't have seemed quite right that all the hottest women in the club were swooning over one black-clad hunk of sweetness... but to the relief of the other excited gentlemen, we eventually shared the wealth.

After all, even the studliest birthday boy has to blow out his candle... and then, everyone gets to eat cake!

Like exotic treats? When they're not playing with their friends, Maylin and Stefano happily rendezvous with singles and couples for a extraordinary celebration of the senses. For more info, click on

Just bring your own candle. I know you'll be blown away!

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