Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year, New Tabu!

I'm a newly slimmed-down sensation... and feeling sexier than ever.

So as the new year begins, I'm making the most of my time and talents.... and that means entertaining my special friends with true Tabu zeal.

Have you been needing a tender, intimate connection?

A fun and spirited romp?

A literate and fascinating companion for a night out?

Or are you interested in the adult fun at a seductive swing club?
My "Erotic Adventure" date opens the door to a world of sensual delights.

Then remember how much you've always wanted to consort with this delicious MILF... or get sexily re-acquainted.

I'm currently hosting in Hollywood and delivering delicious room service to Ft Lauderdale and Miami hotels... so let me engage you in pure pleasure.

Your naughty desires inspire me to greater heights every day.

awaiting your email,