Monday, December 28, 2009

You, Tabu and the sexiest swingers in S FL-- New Year's Eve at Trapeze!!

If you've ever fantasized about a private entree into the sexy world of FL swingers.... with a sophisticated and oh-so-experienced vixen at your side....

then you'll never find a more spectacular opportunity than NEW YEAR'S EVE '09!!

Join me as my special date on this erotic evening of fine dining, dancing, and all the hedonistic pleasures you'd expect... in a luxurious and upscale club built exclusively for lascivious fun.

Our 4-hour date will begin at 9pm and include Trapeze's lavish NYE buffet, complete with Maine lobster and filet mignon. I will provide a fine libation suited to the evening, as we....

Embrace the vision of entrancingly sexy women, passionate men and an unforgettable atmosphere of sensual liberation.

Follow me to the erotic wonderland where inhibitions are shed as thoroughly as the clothes.... and from there, well.... it's up to our imagination what naughty delight comes first.

Let's make it an evening we'll never forget... it's there for the taking!


  • 9pm-1am, New Year's Eve
  • Membership and $150 event fee, my compliments
  • Fine wine or libation of your choice, my compliments
  • Pickup and return to your hotel, if applicable, my compliments
  • Gift for Tabu's NYE Spectacular: $1600
  • Since this is a one-time opportunity, a 25% deposit is required by Wednesday, payable via GreenDot card.

Make it you, Tabu and the sexiest swingers around. This Thursday evening... a night you'll never forget.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Don't have a Cow-- Give a Heifer!

I'm doing something really important this holiday season that all my intimate friends can help me with. I'm working to end hunger by raising money for Heifer International.

I'm counting on you to pitch in and help reach my goal. Any donation large or small will help us get there!

I chose Heifer International to help because they are a wonderful organization working to end hunger and poverty in the world. For more than six decades, Heifer has been helping poor
families around the world become self-reliant by providing animals and the training to care for them. Each recipient family promises to pass along offspring from their animal to another
family in need.

Heifer's simple but effective solution has helped more than seven million families -- 38 million people -- in more than 125 countries including the US, where more than 10 million people
are chronically hungry.

Thank you in advance for taking a moment to go online and help me help Heifer.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"The dick doesn't lie," and other lessons from a life under the covers

Chapter One: In dickus veritas

Laughter erupts around me.

"What did I say?" I protest, glancing at the semi-naked group of hedonists in my living room.

"Oh, come on," one of them snorts, "You know exactly what you said. Please."

"Yeah," his wife agrees. "The dick doesn't lie?"

"Well, it doesn't. If Mike there tells you he's not into blonds, then you see Blond Bambi sucking him off and he's hard as a fireplug... well, what do you call it? An oral misunderstanding?"

The dick doesn't lie.

Chapter Two: Verisimilitude

My girlfriend smiles conspiratorially over her husband's blissful face, his eyes closed to better focus on his pleasure. "Mmmmm," she purrs, "Doesn't she do that well?"

I wink at her as I slowly slide my tongue around the sensitive ridge of his joystick.

"Do it just like I like to," she urges me in a sultry contralto. "That's it, hurry up, swallow it all!"

For a moment his eyes open in surprise at her passionate appeal, and in a series of shuddering breaths, he surrenders to my surrogacy.

Sunlight streams through a slant in the window.

"Just like you like to do it," he whispers into the air.

Chapter Three: Unoriginal Sin

Placing one stiletto in front of the other, I take my time emerging from the darkened bedroom. His hands grip his knees as I approach, laughing.

"What's up?" I tease him, lightly stroking his pants with a long red fingernail.

"I was just thinking that you're not like any woman I've ever been with. But I can't really offer you anything you haven't already had. Probably."

At the last word he looks up at me hopefully.

"Well, you're partially right," I murmur, straddling his lap and slipping my hands into his hair. "I'm a completely, utterly wanton woman who absolutely insists on driving you crazy. And you're my completely, utterly delicious partner in crime, are you not?"

Among a flurry of insistent little kisses he manages to croak out "Yes."

"Then does either of us really have to be original?" I whisper into his ear, my nipples singing under the influence of his suddenly emboldened touch.

The world envelops us. The world falls away.

He doesn't have to say no.