Monday, September 17, 2007

Are you ready for some football?? (My backfield's in motion!)

Today I got to combine two of my favorite things. F---ing and football.

(Yes, I'm much too delicate to say the f-word in my blog. But I'm not too delicate to tell you all about it, am I? Saucy wench!)

ANYway, I made the acquaintance of a lovely West Coaster who not only reveres the Dolphins, but traveled 3000 miles for yesterday's game. How many fans would suffer through the heat, the humidity, the parking at Dolphin Stadium and the Cowboys, and still make it to see me this morning? Well, this fan did, and it was a major pleasure.

But I admit I did tease him just a little. After all, I did grow up in Big D, and following "The 'Boys" is a requirement for citizenship. But when I saw he cared not a whit and focused on my tits, I was on home ground.

You know how I like to go through my fellows' pants to find my favorite drink? Well, I found it-- --plus the second part of my special Tabu gift. TWO tickets to the Miami-New England game in October.


Now, I'm on the hunt for a sexy little Patriot's jersey (OK, I lived in Boston 16 years, I have to support the Pats...) to go along with my tight jeans and backfield in motion. So look for me in the stands--I'll be the redhead with the wicked grin... and a sweet memory about how those tickets came my way!


Anonymous said...

It's been seven days since my Tabu experience! Wish I was there today so you could comfort me after another Phins loss. Thank you again for the awesome experience!

Tabu said...

Baby, you're still a winner in my playbook! Come back soon!