Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Looking for a few (very) good men!

Last weekend in Port Charlotte, my west coast friends introduced me to the lovely old Boca Grande lighthouse. And you now what lighthouses look out for, don't you? That's right... seamen!

So I really couldn't help it if my mind wandered for a moment while I was scanning the horizon... between the sexy hosts, their equally riveting friends and my own devilish first mate, the tide wasn't the only thing that was coming in.

Now that I'm back from my little jaunt, the sea air still has me flying high. So it only seems fair that I put out the semaphores for an expert crewman to fly my jib, weigh my anchor and shiver my timbers.

After all, when Tabu booty (er, I mean duty) calls, aren't you ready to hit the deck?

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Anonymous said...


Another picture of the incomparable Ms. Tabu. This is what the internet needs much, much more of, thank you for contributing to the beautification of the net.