Sunday, December 2, 2007

Red Lipstick

I love my luscious red lips. Years ago, when I tried to keep my lipstick in place through kisses, sips of champagne and blow jobs, I was one frustrated diva.

Then one day I noticed a swinger friend of mine whose lips were always perfectly berry-stained, no matter what her horny little mouth had gotten her into.

Well, inquiring lips needed to know. "Oh," she generously explained, "I have this special lipstick called LipSense. Once it's on, it's on."

That day went down in Tabu history. And from then on, my own pout found the perfect orangey-red that suited my auburn hair and ivory complexion. And when I've glossed them up, even I want to stick a dick in them.

So what it is about red, shiny lips that make me-- and most of the hornsters I know-- want to come closer?

Desmond Morris speculated in The Naked Ape that we're genetically coded by evolution. Moist, deep-colored lips on the mouth, he contended, was a strong instinctive reminder of the lips down below. So when the female of the species (and that would be me) wants to attract the opposite sex, a moist slash of deep pink or red serves as a "Hey, you!" to just the right boys.

Now, the current fashion calls for pale lips and a more heavily accentuated eye... so as not to put too much color on the face, I suppose. But those girls look dead to me. So I'll stick with what's working for me... and for those who do end up putting something in my hungry little mouth.

In my case, red stands for "Go!" But then, you knew that, didn't you?


Terry said...

Why....Why ...Why...? I was perfectly content sitting at my desk not trying to think about anything remotely sexual....but of course curiostiy always gets me. Soooo I take a peak at the boards...and what do I find....your little anecdote on juicy red lips (above and below). Then its instant hard on time!!! Now I cant get up from my desk until the obvious tent subsides. Not that its all that big anyway, but noticeable none the less.

I HATE YOU....but in a GOOD way!!!!

See you and your killer dress and juicy red lips tomorrow!!!!

Cheyenna said...