Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Love 'em and leave 'em?

Yesterday, a hobbyist brought up an interesting question. When you have a fabulous experience with a provider-- one that transcends normal pay-to-play titillation-- do you repeat with the lady or flee, in fear that you'll develop too much emotional attachment?

I've had several clients with whom I've had totally rocking, over-the-top, mind-blowing experiences. As I said goodbye to them, still panting, I could hardly wait until they returned.

It's a frustrating mystery to me why some never came back.

I'm not the type who usually has guys "fall in love" with me-- I'm sexy and giving, but it's clear that I'm not available for anything more. So I don't think an untoward emotional attachment explains it.

When you're paying, presumably, for a mind-blowing time, why wouldn't you want to repeat? Some of my 10/10 reviews came from just such sessions--- but even those hobbyists haven't always become regulars.

My escort girlfriends and I have talked about this phenomenon many times-- so I know I'm not alone.

Boys-- if we REALLY rock your world, reward us with repeat visits! You wouldn't want us to cry ourselves to sleep!


Tokai said...

How is a guy to know that it was great for the gal? How can he differentiate real from memorex?

I pick ladies that have a reputation of providing a good time. During our time together, I get pleasure out of pleasing the lady. So, how can a guy tell when the lady is being "nice (professional)" vs. "she really had an awesome time"? Part of the entire mystique of the better ladies is making the guys feel "I forgot it was a date". We are paying for your time, and if we were a decent date, why would you not like to see us again?

By the same token, if the guy had a great time, what difference does the lady's true feelings make? He had a great time, regardless of whether she had a great time or not.

That's the dilemma of choosing quality ladies.

Why do some guys not come back? Answer: Some hobby for variety. Repeat visits are infrequent.

If I had a great time, I might leave it at that, and enjoy the memories. Seeing a lady more than once may "lift the veil", and ruin it.

If there was some way to know that I was special to the lady, then I would be encouraged to return for more mind blowing experiences. Familiarity with the lady helps future dates go that much better.

Anonymous said...

I've visited a provider more then once, after I had an especially good experience. If I visit you, maybe the same would happen.

Great Blog!

Anonymous said...

Would love to visit again! Just sucks that I'm on the other coast!

-Football fan :)