Wednesday, December 12, 2007

And the Oscar goes to...

OK, my last blog asked the question-- "Why don't fellows repeat when you have a great session?"

Tokai presented an interesting answer and one, I confess, I hadn't thought of... even though I suppose it's very obvious to the hobbyist. A really good provider makes the gent feel as though it's been great for her... even if it's actually been less than stellar. That's her job. So, he asks, how can a gent tell the difference between genuine arousal and pleasure and a Meryl Streep-worthy performance?

It's a conundrum. But if you want to look at it from another point of view, forget the provider. The flip side is how we've made the gentleman feel. Though I'm no Ph.d in sex, I've been around this phenomenon a few times myself... and I think I can tell when a raging hard-on, star-struck gaze and breathless thanks are the result of genuine chemistry. There are sessions and there are extraordinary encounters.

I believe the extraordinary encounters - the 10/10s - deserve the chance to be repeated.

So here's my challenge, if you care to take it. If you've had a mind-blowing experience with me-- or any lady-- take a chance and see her again. Should either of you expect the same to-Nirvana-and-back experience? Why put pressure on yourselves? The chemistry that kicked your endorphins into high gear will very likely still be there--- and so will the chance to create another delicious memory.

I love my job. And when my most memorable encounters turn into the opportunity to create an even deeper level of pleasure and connection... well, that's simply the best.

And as Christmas approaches, I think this hard-lusting vixen and her friends deserve the best. Don't you?

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geeps said...

Ohhh you make me think of my breathless in Seattle experience. I can hardly wait to get back.

Not everyone is a good judge of character.

So at worse if the acting is good, then the audience should applaud loudly and ask for a encore.

At best if there is a heart felt connection, then the desire to reconnect simply ought to be greater.

Problem is ... does desire stem from emotion? Does emotion lead to some level of desired involvement, then expectations which can lead to complications. If the emotion is on full tilt, it can be hard for some guys (and gals) to pull back.

Haven't we all seen this too often, equating good sex with some type of connection ... dare I call it love?