Sunday, December 16, 2007

Of course, I'm always a "ho".....

but sometimes I'm a Ho-Ho-Ho!

So today I'm here to declare joy to my own little world-- the world of swingers, hobbyists, my UPS man, Tom Brady, Bear Grylls and Matt Damon. (All of whom I'd like to unwrap under the tree.)

Yup, here in my Hollywood, everyone's getting in the holiday spirit-- and into my panties, I might add. Saturday night I sashayed down the street dressed in red... and from the looks I got from the fellows driving by, it seemed clear that Christmas doesn't come just once a year!

Kissing under the mistletoe, orgies under the tree.... I love the holiday traditions! Spice them up with Tabu twist, of course, and the results are naughty and nice. Mmmm....let me dip my tongue in a pool of creamy eggnog and let it slowly roll down onto my breasts. Sometimes calories just don't count!

Milk and cookies for Santa? Gee, I don't know. There's barely enough for me, the reindeer and all the elves. Of course, I have very discriminating taste in elves.

It just goes to show that in 2007, the holiday spirit still reigns. And even if the Dow is sagging, my favorite cocks are still standing strong. So join me in celebrating a not-so-silent night.... and may you have many of your own!

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cbone23 said... are just an amazing writer.....i love the imagery that comes to mind when reading your amazing thoughts....please write more....i cant get enough of your writing!