Friday, November 30, 2007

IHOP, YouHOP, Let's all Hop on...

It's been very international at Tabu's lair this week... a splendid opportunity to get a taste of so many different cultures, don't you know. And culture maven that I am, I simply lapped it up.

Which led me to think about my own personal U.N. While I can't claim that I've visited all these counties, their countrymen have visited me... so I feel just the tiniest bit of kinship with...

Austria, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, Norway, Canada, Wales, Mexico, Brazil, France, Colombia, India, England, Israel, Venezuela... and then the various states, of course... the state of horniness, the state of eagerness, the state of arousal and the state of bliss.

But who hasn't gained at least temporary citizenship within my borders? (That's a rhetorical question, in case you didn't recognize it.) I love the idea of traveling the world on an infinite Eurail Pass... hop on, hop off, wherever a sidelong glance seduces me to stop.

Might I have a secret yearning for a Yuri? Is there a Sven lounging in my future? many horizons, so little lube.

I'm still waiting for you to stamp my passport!

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