Monday, November 5, 2007

Being treated instead of tricked... priceless!

Yes, I celebrated an early Halloween at the swing club on Saturday night... but on Oct 31, Halloween night, I had a hot date on South Beach.

What a scene! On my way to the Ritz, I spied three queens and a king (will disco or Elvis ever die?), a punk rock diva and at least four hookers... one of whom was sauntering into the Ritz.

After slipping out of my jacket to reveal an elegant silk blouse that draped the girls invitingly, my eyes were caught by a flash of white-- my date, smiling as broadly as a Jersey boy can.

A warm, welcoming kiss later, we were off to renewing our friendship. As we strolled down Lincoln Road, arm in arm, I was struck by the ease of it all. Twice a year or so, my friend schedules our date months in advance... and we both look forward to spending the evening together.

Dinner at Emeril's? Why not? For a girl who subsists on quick eats from local joints, it was sheer luxury. Even better, we caught up on his life and mine. We've achieved that sweet balance of affection and understanding that makes our relationship exciting, yet still maintains the necessary boundaries.

After dinner, morphing was the name of the game... and evil Tabu reminded my enthusiastic boytoy that it had been far too long since he had submitted to my sweet discipline.

Midnight approached, and it was time for this girl to ease back into her coach and her life. As I navigated my way through the masquerading streets, I smiled a secret smile. Being Tabu is a trick of my fertile mind. Being me, a pure treat.

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