Monday, November 19, 2007

The Boink Button... push it if you dare!

Gosh, I'm learning to love technology. Since I got my new flat-panel TV with high-def and all the other sexy features I'd been yearning for... well, recreation at the Tabu household has taken on a whole new dimension.

Yesterday the handsome young Comcast technician came over to hook up the new DVR system. It was hard not to notice broad-shouldered Xavier, his dark skin setting off a gleaming white smile... and of course, as he squatted in front of my TV, his strong butt was very nicely outlined in his UNIFORM pants. (you know I love a uniform!)

Well, anyway... I managed not to jump him. But after he left, I had to explore all the capabilities of the new system. Soon it was time for the Patriots vs Bills game, and the SO and I settled in for a little NFL action. A lot of kick-ass developments by the boys in the tight white UNIFORM pants, and Tabby was getting frisky. But at the same time, I didn't want to miss the game.

Enter my DVR! I found the "Live" button and hit pause. Oh my god-- Tom Brady, frozen in mid-throw... and the whole game awaiting my god-like power to re-start time.

I giggled and glanced at the SO.

"Want to boink?" I offered. "I've just stopped the game and we can do anything we want. You know, make a sandwich, walk the dog, get a blow job...."

Well, for my red-blooded American hornster, boinking beats football any day. And for this red-blooded American vixen, the good life means squeezing the best out of every moment.

Stealing time for stolen pleasure... and then getting it back again. Score one for me.

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