Monday, April 23, 2007

Nefarious Newbies? (or why I love my virgins!)

Some escorts truly hate newbies. They get a note from some hapless gent stating that he's new to the game, and they groan. Will he be a major pain? Will he follow my protocol? He's unknown and untested... what if he misbehaves?

Valid points, all.... and I've had my share of moments with the innocent, the inept, and the inexperienced. But lately I've been finding that the fellows who haven't been around that much... well, they don't take you for granted, either.

Take M---, for example. When he came to see me a month or two ago, he followed my requests to the letter. He showed up on time, impeccably groomed, bearing the correct gift. And if there were a few beads of nervous perspiration dotting his upper lip, well, I made sure he quickly realized that he was in for a very nice time. Afterwards, the relief and gratitude that emanated from his smile made me feel like Miss Congeniality.

Don't get me wrong. If a newbie's rough, unfeeling, or just plain oafish, there are no second chances.

But when I can introduce a lovely gent to a lovely pastime, I'm happy to pluck that little cherry and stain my tongue red.

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jazz32 said...

Great post Tabu!!! Trust me, for on the first time or two, it wasn't just sweat on the lip, it was a case of full-body flop sweat. The kindness, and classynest of the ladies I was with got me through this.