Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Make mine vanilla!

"Oh, she won't go there, she's vanilla."

"Don't bother with them, they're vanilla."

In several of my social circles, it's a useful but rather derogatory phrase. Not into swinging? Poof- vanilla! Prefer actual sex to being tied up and flogged? Oops- vanilla again.

How otherwise cheerful non-participants came to be known by an ostensibly bland flavor is a question for some other scholar. But I do know that when it comes to pleasure, fun and trying anything once-- well, sometimes I'm vanilla, too.

As my most casual readers know, "naughty" is my middle name. But even your resident sexpot doesn't jump into everything with both boobs.

After all, the thrill of sexual titillation arises from as many impulses as there are human beings. And the impetus that drives us to find one thing exquisitely enticing--- while another leaves us drier than Aunt Fanny-- well, it's the most personal judgment call there is.

So whether it's chocolate or vanilla-- or the hundreds of delicious variations in between-- I believe the very best flavor is the one that makes you stop, taste, and savor the moment. Because in the days and nights and days that make up our lives-- there's rarely anything sweeter.

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