Monday, October 1, 2007

The rewards of wickedness

Ah, the perils of unleashing the wicked Tabu!

This weekend, I gleefully introduced a impudent boy-toy to the sweet torment of serving a Mistress... while his wife looked on in utter delight.

This is what happens when you take the swinger out of the girl and let the devilish dom emerge unfettered....

And wasn't it amusing how his cock kept leading the way to his downfall? Always hard, thrusting in my face, demanding attention.... only a swift correction or two could calm the excited initiate, and then, only for a moment. Soon my breasts were gleaming with creamy drips he couldn't contain.

It took well over an hour of inflicting my will on the boy before he was sufficiently humbled... and then, with his wife's enthusiastic permission, I rewarded his obedience with a permission of my own.

It didn't take long.

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