Saturday, October 27, 2007

My fantasy? Real clients.

I'm completely a fan of fantasy. I mean, what's better than spinning a sexy scenario in your mind? You can lovingly concoct every last detail, every nuance, the taboos, the timing, and ultimately, the explosive conclusion. For highly enjoyable "alone" time, fantasies really can't be beat.

Then, there are the people who get off on displaying their naughty fantasies to someone else... preferably someone who will appreciate it as a magnificent display of sexual imagination, I suppose. There's no real intention to carry it out-- they simply want a "Oooh, that's so bad!"

Well, guess where I come in.

This week I received another in my ongoing series of "Just Tell Me I'm Naughty" emails from prospective "clients" seeking my approval. They're all worded similarly: tell me what you think, is this too far out, blah blah blah. Unlike emails from real clients with a specific roleplay request, who actually want to book time with me for a sexy session, these are unmistakable both in their tone and their lack of supporting information (such as my booking form.)

Here, edited down from its original, mind-numbing length, is a sample.

I have this crazy fantasy of being humiliated by my wife being with another man... You still really love me, but I no longer satisfy you and you met someone else. This has started to come out by you being verbally abusive to me over time. You begin to tell me about your lover. I see your eyes darting around the bar as if you're looking for someone, but I see you definately are openly flirting.. It kinda of excites me too.. And that time you had me go down on you... Well, I knew you'd been with someone, but it was so exciting... My heart was pounding... I knew what I was tasting. So, once I started... After that, I'd secretly go into your hamper to pull out your dirty panties and I would relish its wetness. You've been suspicious of this for a while and now of course, I'm your "panty boy".... you begin to whisper in my ear..."Panty boy, I know you know that I'm f*cking other guys... You perv, you love it too don't you? You're pretty pathetic, knowing that I'm with others, but geez, smelling my wet panties after... god you're a wimp!" You sit on the bed and lean back, gently rubbing yourself through your jeans. "You know hon, I still care for you, and at that same time I think you're a pathetic wimp. Well, panty boy, it's out now... I"m going to f*ck who I want, when I want and you're going to keep paying the bills." "Look at your little cock panty boy... no wonder you can't do it anymore." You straddle me, here panty boy, use your tongue that's all your good for now.. You cum. etc etc etc

Sigh. What's sad is that this cuckold fantasy is quite common-- and enacting it wouldn't be difficult. But I'll bet you a thousand dollars that the writer will never come through with anything more concrete, like a booking... and if he does, I'll bet you another thousand that he'll cancel before it happens.

I've been down this little road too many times now to take him seriously, poor thing... so I had to write him the following response.

Dear John- I've discovered an interesting fact through my going-on-four-years of escorting. The more elaborate the scenario that someone presents, the less likely they are to actually book a session and show up. Isn't that odd?

Maybe they really just get off on the idea of a professional reading it and considering it, then responding how it turns her on.... or maybe it's all about writing it out for their own titillation.

Either way, I've learned that very few letters like yours end up in appointments. So if you're serious about enacting this roleplay, I'll merely ask you to get in touch with me, through my website booking form, a week prior to your visit. We can get all the details straight then.

Maybe he'll surprise me. That really would be fantastic.

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