Thursday, October 4, 2007

How do I glove thee? Let me count the ways!

This week I took a happy cyber-jaunt to one of my most beloved stores: Condom Depot. First, it makes me giggle to make the association with Home Depot, one of my favorite places to flirt with the tool-boys. Second, this web store spells pure condom nirvana to a heavy user like moi. (Let's face it-- I'm a swinger, a pay-to-play girlfriend and I love to glove with the very best!)

So when faced with the hundreds of choices-- tropical fruit flavored? extra-small? ribbed with warming lube? Plain ol' plain ol'..... how does even a condom aficionado throw the dart?

Well, it's a tough job, but it's one I tackle head-on.

After much experimentation- economies of scale taken into consideration- I opt for Durex Extra-Sensitive for everyday, normal-sized boys and toys, Magnums for the XL set, and a few flavored varieties for those times I have to follow it up with my mouth. (Regular condom after-taste? Can you say "yuck?")

So a hundred bucks later, I'm basking in the certainty that my UPS man will be soon be knocking on my door with a box that lets me play out my real-world fantasy... living the life of a carefree sex kitten with all the "tools" she needs.

Freedom never cost so little.

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