Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Write when you get work...."

That's what they used to say when they sent the youngun off to make his way in the world... and I guess it still holds true. Except now, they probably say "Text when you get work!"

My problem? I can't text (long fingernails and tiny keyboards- not a match made in heaven) and when I do "get work," I'm too busy to write!

So for the blog fan who emailed me yesterday, mea culpa. But sometimes Tabu has to be in Tabu mode... and these Michigan boys, well, let's just say they like Florida girls.

So far I've been a harlot, a saint and a reporter from the New York Times.... yes, a typical day (and night) in the life. Yummy.

Juicy details? Maybe tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Ms. Tabu,

What roleplay scenarios have you found to be the most fun?

How about the most imaginitave, and the most elaborate.

Your fans breathlessly await your reply.

Tabu said...

Here you go, pilgrim. Campaign Trail, part 1. Whee!