Friday, August 24, 2007

Discrimination on the perk (Or, even escorts need their Joe!)

Last week, while waiting for my flight in Detroit, I killed some time wandering through the gift shop.

One display immediately caught my eye: Your Profession on a Coffee Mug. And there they were, cute as daisies, arranged alphabetically by dozens of titles...

teacher, lawyer, secretary, coach, bartender, mom....

Finally, I thought. I'll find a mug for my special job!

Hurriedly I scanned the "E"s..... but no. Then the "P"s...... no again. Even the "H"s. As a last resort, I dropped to my knees to check that lowest of all possible rows, the "W"s.

The electricians, police officers, hair stylists and window-washers could all enjoy their java in a personalized yellow and black cup... but where did that leave me and my friends?

Talk about a whorrendous oversight!

But you know, it got me thinking. If I run into this kind of discrimination again, it might just inspire me to start my own line of goods for my beleaguered colleagues. Now all I need is a name.

How's Abercrombie and Bitch?

1 comment:

SimplyAlexa said...

Oh, I can think of a few:
Tramps Secret
Whore Marcups

Just for starters... ;-)