Thursday, August 9, 2007

Verrry Interesting Update!

Remember the infamous "Joe" who left his computer at home-- with my email on the screen for his wife to find? (See "Death by Escort" below....)

Well, here is his latest communication to me, in its entirety.

I want to apologize for the stupid e-mail I sent you. The excuse I gave you was a lie.

I had an attack of conscience which didn't allow me to go through with the appointment and was too stupid to just say so. I was ignorant of your position in the situation and for that I'm sorry. You will not hear from me again.

Well. sometimes people do stupid things, and sometimes they do the right thing. I'm still not thrilled with Joe's behavior... but at least he stepped up and admitted the truth.

I don't have to point out you, dear friends, all the lessons in this little episode... but I will make one request on behalf all of escorts everywhere. If you're mulling over whether the hobby is right for you, please, take all the time you need.

We'll be here when you decide.

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