Thursday, July 12, 2007

Why Johnny can't read, or, what the teacher's doing after school

This trip to Chitown has raised even my kink factor a little... and I have to love it when what appears to be a mild-mannered GFE boy devolves into a hot little freaky boy....

Yesterday, Miss Tabu was a loving schoolteacher, who had to hold her favorite student after class for a serious talk. While I was cleaning the blackboard, my sweet student carefully donned his fishnets and skirt, stuffed his bra and once into a long blond wig, emerged as "Amy."

Poor girl... she trembled as I sat close and reminded her that she was only 14... too young to be caught behind the bleachers, experimenting with boys. It was clearly my job to show her what boys can really do. After an intimate first-hand demonstration, she shudderingly agreed that Teacher knew best.

Detention was never like this.

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