Friday, June 6, 2008

Playing doctor in Cleveland!

"Oh, yes, Doctor, of course I'll open my mouth so you can check my tonsils... with your cock!"

In one of those funny coincidences that could only happen in my hotel room, on Wednesday I was treated to an entire series of medical exams by some of the ablest physicians in Ohio (home to the famous Cleveland Clinic, of course.) So after this modest little patient made sure she was wearing clean panties, it was clear that she needed to be diagnosed... and thus it was time for me to:
  • stick out my tongue

  • breathe rapidly

  • have my breasts checked for abnormalities

  • and put my feet in the stirrups of someone's shoulders.
My, oh my. I've never undergone such a rigorous series of exams.. all so very thorough.

And it was funny, when you think about it... after all that, I was the one who got the results!

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