Saturday, February 17, 2007

Never on Saturday... nights!

It's common escort wisdom: Saturday nights can make you rich.

Horny business travelers spending the weekend away from home... horny young guys between girlfriends and looking for a surefire score.... horny regulars whose wives are off visiting Mom.

So why I don't I work on Saturday nights?

Because I'm horny myself!

(Now, this is no secret to my personal friends and playmates.... but I'll let you who don't know me in on it, too.) Look up the hottest swing club, the house party that oozes naughtiness with my favorite boy and girl sluts.... and this weekend, my very own "Dangerous Curves" party.... and well, you can see my dilemma.

Do I work... or play?

When it's a choice between fun and MORE fun, well, I have to go with my parts. I mean, my heart.

See you on Monday.

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