Thursday, February 22, 2007

Good guys/Bad guys.... My Referral Policy

As you know, we providers safeguard each other by vouching for our good guys and flagging the bad ones. Unfortunately, the bad ones are getting sneakier all the time. Because of this, many of us are tightening our policies about referrals.

Beginning February 1, 2007, I will be glad to provide referrals for anyone I have seen in the past SIX MONTHS. If our meeting occurred before that, I will ask you to seek out a reference from a lady you have seen more recently.

Why the change? We're finding clients evading accountability for bad behavior by reaching back to a time when they were acting properly. They claim to have seen no one in the meantime. Because this claim can't be easily verified, we are put at risk.

If you hobby infrequently, I recommend you consider joining either of two nationally-respected verification services. Date-Check and Preferred411 will verify your information discreetly, and issue you a unique ID that providers can use for screening. Both services offer an avenue to flag dangerous or discourteous clients, so they are widely accepted by many providers in lieu of traditional references.

I love my good guys (and they are far in the majority.) To you, thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

To the "gentlemen" who like to no-show, shortchange, harass, stalk or assault providers, I hope I'm making your life a lot more difficult.

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