Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Casino Royale coming soon on DVD

All right, I admit it. I absolutely fell in lust with Daniel Craig when I saw Casino Royale in the theatre this fall.

In fact, (once I unstuck my panties) I promptly started blogging about this latest, greatest addition to the Bond canon. (And I've seen them all-- thanks partially to my boyfriend who's been a Bond boy since Day One.)

So soon, thanks to a smitten Tabu, pictures of Daniel Craig were gracing Escortblogs.net, TER, and wherever naughty girls congregate.

And to my infinite gratification, his "Royale" hotness was soon being praised far and near by girls who specialize in close encounters of the masculine kind.

Oh, I know I can't take credit for Danny-boy's impeccable pecs, sizzling six-pack or breath-quickening blue eyes. But if this Casino hottie ever wants to thank his one-girl PR squad personally, I'll happily roll the dice!

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