Wednesday, December 13, 2006

All money, no IQ ... don't let these voicemails happen to you!

When I get any of these messages, this is what I'm tempted to say. Instead, I just hit 7. (delete!)

"Hey, I'm in Room 2307 at the Beachside Marriot. Can you be here in 30 minutes?"

Sure, Officer Friendly... just let me grab my striped teddy.
I don't want my undies to clash with my jumpsuit.

"Yo, this is Mike. Call me back. "

Gee, I only know 17 "Mikes"-- shall I start with the As?

"Look, I'm at the Sheraton with my wife, but she's gone out shopping for a while. How soon can you get over here? I think she'll be gone for an hour or two."

Actually, I'd prefer not to meet your wife while I'm wearing my teddy.

"Tabu, this is Frank. You can call me Frank, or what all the girls call me-- "Energizer Bunny."

(uncontrollable laughter)

"Hey, you're not answering-- if you're not free, can you send another girl over here?"

Why, of course! I have one in every color. Just let me consult my Pimp-O-Dex!

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