Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Wicked New Announcement!

Hello, my darling friends and lovers!

Lately I've been incubating a delicious idea... and I think it's high time I let you in on the secret.


"Wicked Winter Nights"

This is the first time I've ever offered such a dramatic, seductive, incredibly sexy date... and I'm so very excited to imagine this amazing rendez-vous with you!

Picture this: Twelve sumptous hours to be filled with whatever delights please us both. When I knock slyly on your door, you're opening it to your lovely red-headed vixen... and almost endless possibilities.

Shall we start with a leisurely cocktail? I love to stain my lips red with Merlot. Slip your arm around my waist as we stroll toward a succulent dinner. Notice how the other couples glance enviously at us? We're so relaxed and happy. And little do they know what may follow!

You're feeling extra frisky? Me, too! Maybe this calls for that long-awaited visit to my favorite sexy haunt... that naughty club, Trapeze. It's "Adults Only" in this erotic playground built solely for lascivious fun. You want to do what? Oh, you're a bad, bad boy.

The night-life's legendary in Miami... and isn't it fun to add our own small contribution?

As the stars light our way, it's so easy to follow the passions that drew us together from the beginning. And so the night follows into morning... with the intimate knowledge of an evening spent in bliss.

I can't wait to share this very special encounter with you-- and see exactly how much pleasure it's possible to pour into an glass of us.

If this idea stirs something in you, too, I'm hoping you'll soon be whispering my favorite word ... yes.

Let's make it happen. Please give me 72 hours notice to prepare and talk about making a fabulous plan! The gift for this luxurious encounter, only $2900.

Making our winter nights as memorable as you and Tabu. It's in the stars.

Reach me by email at or through my website,

I'll be waiting.

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