Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tabu's Tuesday Tutorial: Ins and Outs.

All good things have a beginning, a middle and, equally important to your busy provider, an end.

The trouble is, not everyone seems to realize when it's time to go. Of course you're having fun, and in the post-nookie glow, time seems to stand still as pillow talk replaces the real world. We're enjoying it, too. But as the clock ticks silently past the hour, into ten minutes, 15 minutes, or in really distracted cases, 20 minutes, the push of Other Duties starts knocking on the door.

When it's time to answer, it's time to answer.

Your lovely temporary girlfriend, the skilled temptress who lulled you into such delicious lethargy, can also hint delicately when the curtain needs to fall... so when you hear "It's been so good to see you!"... please.

Rinse it off, tuck it in and fold your tent.

We will bless you as we watch your punctual back depart down the hallway. And we will welcome you back like a king when you return.

Now take that on the road.

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