Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The key(word) to my lair... win it if you dare!

Like any good Internet vixen, I love to track my blog hits. Yesterday I had visitors blowing hot and cold-- apparently someone likes me in Dubai-- and Finland. (brr)

But I have to confess that I've never paid that much attention to the keywords people use to search for me.

So for your amusement, here are today's search terms that have recently lead people to Tabu.... Behind Closed Doors. Pretty interesting, eh, Grasshopper?

Guess which are my personal favorites and win a special Tabu treat (to be revealed ONLY to the winner!) Use the comment feature to take your shot.

Good luck and may the Force be in me!

drill down37.69%tabu escort
drill down37.69%discovertabu
drill down25.13%thigh high boots chicago
drill down25.13%3 mistresses and a boy toy
drill down25.13%sex diary
drill down25.13%ivy league dominatrix
drill down25.13%maylin and stefano
drill down12.56%tabu thigh
drill down12.56%tabu's sexy abdoman
drill down12.56%tabu sexy girl
drill down12.56%www.discovertabu.com
drill down12.56%my sex diary
drill down12.56%double lives cheating
drill down12.56%secret behind the name tabu perfume
drill down12.56%tabu milf
drill down12.56%naughty roleplay father
drill down12.56%swinger diary
drill down12.56%lipstick blow jobs
drill down12.56%tabu sex
drill down12.56%allie4u@bellsouth.net
drill down12.56%tabu's sex life
drill down12.56%tabu in big
drill down12.56%thigh boots boy
drill down12.56%tabu without panty
drill down12.56%tabu feet show
drill down12.56%tabu sexy


Anonymous said...

Personal fav. Ivy league dominatrix?

-West coast major football fan.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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